Information Dissemination

At its core, R41D41 Industries believes that information dissemination can be a catalyst of change. We strive to put information that is factual and timely in the hands of the people.

We do this for our clients by creating professional, easy-to-use websites and social media accounts that focus on conveying the information that is most important to your customers and their decision to engage in a fruitful relationship with your business or organization.

We do this for our community through projects that help provide public information to the citizens of the community in a curated and easy to digest format.


Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic

Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic is a community news page that the Citizens of Newnan and Coweta County have come to appreciate for its factual and timely information. The website and its associated social media accounts disseminate information garnered from local scanner audio, public information sources, and open records requests.